Joe Stevens

The Night Of...

Joe Stevens
The Night Of...

Even on the plane it’s still a little bit difficult to believe.

That we were actually able to make it happen, and to convince a solid group of dudes and a number of brands to come along for the ride. It’s been quite the journey to get to this point but we couldn’t be more stoked to be in the air and roughly 24 hours a way from throwing our legs over the bikes for the first time.

One question we’ve have been asked most: “how did you make something like this happen?”…

The answer: WE ASKED.

The past two months have been crazy. Early morning phone calls, late night beers and tons of proposals. Great conversations sprinkled with a few shitty ones. Oh yeah, and I crashed the XT500 riding home from work last Wednesday on the hottest day of the year. Luckily I came out with a bit of road rash and a busted clutch lever for something that could have been a lot worse, but I’m still stuck with a very real reminder of the consequences of going down for probably the first two weeks of the trip.

We’ve been out every weekend the past 2 months trying to find moments that would help to give an idea of what we’ll be experiencing for the next several weeks, and while we think it’s been great we can't wait to see what’s around the next bend. Taking an idea an making it happen takes time, energy, and effort, and when that idea is a brand it also takes attention to detail and a clear perspective on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Looking back on how we got here, it was great to ask ourselves the tough questions right from the beginning. We started with what we wanted out of the experience, how we would tell our story, and what exactly we thought that story could be. We were doing this because we wanted to, and we made a conscious decision to never stray too far from having fun. We stewed on the name for a while, but eventually one of the first we threw out ended up sticking. Under Open Air it was.

Pretty quickly we started to float the idea around to co-workers, friends, and clients through our work. The response was generally positive with some caution around what we were really getting ourselves into. The list of things we needed to pull together seemed like it always kept getting longer. My co-worker at Cinco, Chris Damiani, crushed our initial round of brand identity work. Joe’s roommate, Tobias Lee, helped pull together this blog, and pretty much everyone else stepped up to provide support and have our backs at every turn.

We can’t thank you all enough.

So, here we go. No turning back now.

– Steve