Joe Stevens

It's on.

Joe Stevens
It's on.

It's officially day 5...

It's insane how much we've experienced so far; the excitement of signing paperwork and setting up the bikes, the moment when we first peeled out of the dealership, when we first touched dirt for the first time on the East Coast, and our stops at gas stations to fuel up and recap the day.

There's a lingering feeling of stoke not knowing what's around the next bend, and the days are so packed it's already starting to feel like we've been on the road for a few weeks. It's kind of hard to remember it all, let alone capture it in a single post... honestly we wouldn't have it any other way.

Beyond excited for what's to come!


What's really starting to stand out is a team mentality, but also a feeling of singularity. You, your machine, and the path stretching out before you. We're all going to the same place but we each have to carry our own weight to make it. We're ripping not towards the Pacific, but towards experiencing as much as we can every day we're privileged to be on this trip.

We've dropped bikes; on the trail, in the gas station parking lot, and in river crossings. We've stumbled across epic viewpoints and met amazing people. We've laid out our soggy gear in eerily empty campsites and jammed ourselves into small hotel rooms. Shit, Joe already almost got run over by a Forest Service truck.


As opposed to laying out events piece by piece it's best to do a list of thank you's and let the photos do the rest.

Thanks to the team at Mountain Motorsports for letting us take over their parking lot.
Thanks to Bubba for helping make Joe's clutch whole again.
Thanks to Kyle and Laura from The Farmhouse Inn for their hospitality and information.
Thanks to Tiffany and Pop Pop for hanging with us and drinking a beer.

We’re surely missing someone but we’ll catch up with you later.