Joe Stevens

Peaks & valleys.

Joe Stevens
Peaks & valleys.

2 weeks of literal and metaphorical ups and downs.

We passed through some of the most picturesque zones of the trip and drank wine at 13,000 ft. We climbed canyon walls in Moab and mountains in Colorado, camping along some of the most beautiful streams and hillsides we've seen thus far.


Oh, and we lost Joe to a god-forsaken stretch of 8-inch-deep moondust by the turnoff for Horseshoe Bend outside of Green River Utah.

Collarbones can be fickle little bastards sometimes. 


Amazingly, we couldn't really have gotten much luckier... (given that the situation we were in sucked)...

As we were trying to figure out how we were going to get Joe and his bike out of this shitty situation, a rancher drove by and was kind enough to stop. And not only that, this angel of a human named Don ended up giving Joe a ride back to town, coming back with us the next morning to rescue his bike, and even giving him a ride the hour and a half out to Grand Junction, CO to catch a flight. Cheers Don! We can't thank you enough.


As the three of us continued on, the heaviness of the trip really began to settle in. Sometimes so fun you couldn't keep a smile off you face, and other times literally picking yourself up out of a ditch asking why you ever decided to do this in the first place.

The scenery never disappointed, however.


We're on the home stretch now, getting back on the road after a quick pitstop in Boise, ID to see friends and resupply. The landscape is starting to feel like home again and the Pacific Ocean finally feels like it's within striking distance. If the bikes can make it, so can we.

Ride on Joe, we'll see you soon.