Joe Stevens

Almost home.

Joe Stevens
Almost home.

Relief, excitement, apprehension.... 5,000 miles in the rearview and we finally made it to Oregon.

Crossing the Snake River from Idaho the feeling was oddly surreal. To be honest, Utah and Idaho fucked us up. The absolute emotional highs of Moab quickly transitioned into the lows of Joe's shoulder injury. Our camera equipment and computers were cutting in and out, bearing the strain that we were putting ourselves through without any of the feelings to keep them going. Still, we had to continue on and we could almost feel the cold mist of the Pacific in our tired minds.


The landscape started to become visually familiar, but the sense of home was simultaneously welcoming and odd. Smoke clogged the normally pristine forests. Our route to familiar places was different and the dirt beneath our tires felt foreign.

We felt close yet far away. The dynamic of the trip itself had adopted an odd feeling with three instead of four and new challenges presented themselves around each corner. We finally had what appeared to be an irrevocable bike issue and scrounged for a tow-rope, limping miles until a bumpstart finally worked. Still, stoke levels were high as we steadily progressed towards the coast.


Fires finally cut off our route, forcing us to take highway for the final section down from the Coast Range. The smoky skies could to do little to darken our spirits however, and we pushed the bikes for one last time with the ocean finally within striking distance. Finally, we came over one final crest, descending into Bandon, OR and bee-lining directly towards the closest place to touch the Pacific.

After soaking it all in, we made the final stretch to Port Orford. Unable to resist the draw of the ride we'd be thinking of for over a month, we delayed meeting back up with Joe and made our way straight to the beach for a quick rip before celebratory beers and way too make cake for Steve's 30th.


There are so many people that helped to make this trip happen, and so many kind souls that helped us along the way. You know who you are, and if we haven't reached out personally yet we'll do so soon. Thank you. And thanks to the rest of you for following along. Don't hesitate to reach out and stay tuned for more to come!