Get lost with us.

Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens has spent the past 15 years bringing stories to life. With a film/photo production background, his vision for authentic storytelling has helped shape the lifestyle and branding elements of companies across the globe. With countless moto trips under his belt, the TAT is an obvious next step for adventure riding and getting into a little trouble.

Steve Ebert

Steve Ebert is a graphic designer, writer, content manager, and problem solver with nearly a decade of experience creating profoundly unique and effective communication design. Currently the Brand Manager at Cinco Design, when he's not looking at a screen he's either on the go or wrenching on a number of bikes which may or may not be currently running.

Grant Puckett

Grant Puckett is an explorer, photographer and documentarian whose artistic eye was shaped by growing up skateboarding. He currently resides in Long Beach.

Collin Weeks

This is Collin and you won't find anyone else like him. He walks to his own beat and doesn't mind venturing off on his own to find epic surf and a free lifestyle wandering around in his custom van. Most importantly though, he lays a good bead when tasked with any welding old Yamaha project you throw up his sleeve.